Let’s know your Streetball coach!

Eddie"Downtown"Brown, Larry"Gator"Rivers and Fred "Curly" Neal - Shooting Stars Team, '80s

Eddie “Downtown” Brown began his professional Basketball career in the mid-80’s playing with the famous  Harlem Globetrotters Fred “Curly” Neal and Larry “Gator” Rivers. He also played with NBA superstar and legend Pete Maravich and with Meadowlark Lemon‘s Shooting Stars.

Coach Brown, was Corcoran’s High Schools first McDonalds All-American nominee, scoring champion for King Country and for the Community College State Championship for California State. He was a student and athlete at California Polytechnic University where he majored in sports management.

Coach Brown is now the Street Basketball Association (SBA) representative for Scandinavia. He is responsible for development, marketing, and operations of SBA events and appearances which feature SBA All-Stars and USA Basketball Legends throughout Scandinavia. Indeed Eddie Brown has produced successful events with Fun-Day and Harlem Fun-Day All-Stars sponsored events. His responsibilities included the overall management, operations, and advanced marketing of such events, exhibitions, appearances, and clinics of the last 20 years.

In 2006 Eddie took a brief break from basketball for trying a new experience in the music business as singer. Together with Martin Carboo founded the band Elephantz, and with the hit song “Oh yeah!” participated at the 2006 edition of Melodifestivalen. The band won a lot of prices in Northern Europe.

Eddie"Downtown"Brown, 2011 - Street Basketball Association Representative for Scandinavia

After that Eddie “Downtown” Brown came back to his biggest passion and became the official coach of the Stockholm Street Basketball League’s Open Gym, his last Streetball project in capital city of Sweden. Right now he is coaching children and adults each sunday evening trying to transfer his huge basketball’s experience to everyone who wants to learn and, most of all, have fun with this sport.
Eddie is happy to welcome children, women and men of all ages who want to have fun playing basketball in Stockholm…because he really loves this game!!!
  1. Dave Thomas ("Diamond Dave" as you called me) says:

    Just found this web site of you, hope you and Martin are doing well.

    All the best to you and I see you again one day in Nottingham…

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